Enhance community quality of life with expert planning services.

Rivers develops a functional relationship between man, the human environment, and our natural resources with a focus on identifying strategies to strengthen results of community development. Our planning goals are to foster community involvement in recognizing potential concerns and then analyze solution strategies for development of comprehensive alternative recommendations. We work closely with our clients to devise planning processes that take into consideration community issues, public sentiment, appropriate research, quantitative analysis, and integrated solution strategies including economic viability and implementation feasibility.

Planning for environmental compliance complimenting design.

Rivers’ expertise augments the multi-disciplinary aspects of environmental and civil engineering design with regulatory compliance.  Our planning staff assists our engineers and clients with initial reconnaissance and environmental permitting requirements, providing the appropriate level of expertise to identify potential constraints for design/permitting considerations, to ensure surface water and wetland preservation/mitigation, or to guide land restoration.

Successful financial planning strategies lead to successful projects.

Rivers’ expertise assisting local government clients define financial plans for project implementation provides for a measure of confidence regarding consumer impacts.  Our experience assisting local governments in budgeting, developing long range financing plans as well as in identification, application and administration of various regional, state and federal funding opportunities is strategic to implementation of needed community infrastructure and facilities.  Our reputation with funding agencies is rivaled by our experience and knowledge of specific funding program requirements and submittal criteria.

Together with our clients, plans are created with a goal to enhance the overall social and economic value to the community and sustaining its integrity.

Planning Services Include:

Utility Infrastructure Planning

  • Conceptual & Master Plans
  • Site Development Review
  • Water and Sewer Feasibility Assessments
  • Utility Infrastructure Inventory/Mapping (GIS / GPS)
  • Impact Fee Methodology Development
  • Utility Rate Studies
  • Stormwater Management Planning
  • Watershed Planning
  • Water System Management Plans
  • O & M Plans
  • Utility Emergency Management Plans
  • Asset Management Plans
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Capital Asset Assessments

Parks & Recreation / Open Space Planning

  • Community Comprehensive Recreation Plans
  • Existing Facilities Inventory
  • Recreation Park Site Feasibility Assessments
  • Site Development
  • Conceptual & Master Plans
  • Greenways Plans
  • Green Buffer Plans
  • Water Access Planning

Urban Planning & Design

  • Urban Design & Revitalization Plans
  • Streetscape Master Plans
  • Connectivity Studies
  • Comprehensive Pedestrian Plans
  • Comprehensive Bicycle Plans
  • Bicycle, Sidewalk & Street Inventory
  • Conceptual & Master Plans
  • Site Specific Land Use Plans
  • Land Acquisition Site Evaluation Reports
  • Land Use Inventory and Forecasting
  • Zoning Ordinance Development & Updating
  • Subdivision Regulation Development & Updating
Environmental Planning

  • Phase I Environmental Assessments
  • Environmental Resources Inventory/Mapping
  • Environmental Compliance Assessments
  • Stream Jurisdictional Determinations
  • Environmental Assessments & Impact Statements
  • Tree Preservation Ordinances
  • CAMA Application Assistance

Special Planning Services

  • Capital Improvement Plans
  • Enterprise Fund Budgeting Assistance
  • Public Participation & Survey Strategies
  • Cost Estimating
  • Grant/Loan Writing & Administration Assistance
  • Technical Writing Assistance
  • Regulatory Permit Acquisition Assistance
  • Design Charrettes
  • Ordinance Research & Development
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research
  • Social Media Website Development & Administration