Pamlico Co. Water Improvements

Pamlico County, NC


Citing concerns with low system operating pressures in various areas of the county water service area, Rivers was selected to conduct an evaluation of a previous system hydraulic model, design new model scenarios and make recommendations for improvements to mitigate pressure concerns.  Rivers was later engaged to provide services for preparation of preliminary engineering report, funding acquisition assistance, surveying, design, permitting, construction administration and construction inspection services for a construction project implemented to improve system operating pressure in two service area zones.

Distribution improvements were recommended to resolve low pressure problems in the Minnesott Beach, Arapahoe, Grantsboro and Vandemere communities.  The improvements included three new water booster pump stations installed at three of Pamlico County’s four water treatment plants, one new 200,000 gallon elevated water storage tank, 6.3 miles of 12-inch and 8-inch water transmission mains, five 14-inch directional bores, and radio telemetry (SCADA) between the booster pump stations and associated elevated tanks.  The new elevated tank was constructed at an elevation approximately 40 feet higher than other system elevated tanks and is creates a new pressure zone for the Minnesott Beach and Arapahoe communities.  The new water transmission mains transmit water at the new elevated pressures into the Minnesott Beach community.  A new booster pump station at Vandemere pumps through mainly existing water mains to an existing elevated tank.   The project resulted in immediate pressure improvements for the Minnesott Beach, Arapahoe and Vandemere communities, while final improvement to the water system pressure for the Grantsboro area is pending funding of a second phase of improvements.