Chocowinity Water Improvements

Town of Chocowinity, NC


With one of two water treatment facilities nearing its service life and limited for space to expand in accordance with contemporary regulations, the Town resolved to implement improvements to its water supply and treatment system on a new site in proximity to new growth areas located east of and adjacent to the municipality.  Rivers was selected to provide services for preliminary project planning, assist with funding application/administration, design, permitting, construction administration and construction inspection.

The project included: a new 150 GPM raw water supply well to augment supply for, and renovations to, the existing Edgewood Drive water Treatment plant; two new 300 GPM raw water supply wells for the new Hill Road water treatment plant which also included a backwash wastestream settling lagoons and disposal discharge to the Pamlico River; a new 400,000 gallon elevated water storage tower, and; several new distribution line extensions.

The new, automated 300 GPM Hill Road water plant includes aeration and detention facilities, greensand filtration, softening, and chemical feed to treat groundwater from the Castle Hayne Aquifer. The aerator strips hydrogen sulfide and precipitates iron. Potassium permanganate is fed before the 20,000 gallon detention tank to oxidize iron and to replenish the greensand filters. High service pumps deliver water from the detention tank through the filters and softeners to the elevated storage tank. Three 8-feet diameter greensand filters remove iron floc, while two 6-feet diameter zeolite softeners reduce hardness to 80 mg/l.  Chemical feeds to finish water include chlorine and ammonia for disinfection, fluoride for dental health, and corrosion control to protect pipes and prevent leeching.

The renovated Edgewood Drive water plant was modified using the existing detention tank, building and elevated storage tank. The modified plant was designed to treat 150 GPM.  A new aerator was placed on the existing detention tank.  New high service pumps deliver water from the detention tank through new greensand filters and zeolite softeners filter(s) to the existing on-site elevated storage tank.  Chemical feeds duplicate those in the Hill Road water plant.

Approximately 13,000 LF of raw water lines were installed to deliver water from wells to plants as well as approximately 12,000 LF of 6-inch waste discharge line installed from the Hill Road plant to the Pamlico River at Cypress Landing.  The 12-inch finished water line from the Hill Road plant extends approximately 5,600 LF to interconnect with the existing water distribution system at the Cypress Landing development.