Hawkins Creek Watershed Protection & Restoration Planning Study

Town of Swansboro, NC


The governing board of this coastal town determined to be proactive in its efforts to protect the quality of its adjoining surface waters from pollutants in its stormwater direct discharges.  Rivers was engaged to conduct a detailed study of the Hawkins Creek watershed, located within the central and waterfront area of the Town.  After conducting a detailed inventory of the existing stormwater network and locating “point-source” discharges to Hawkins Creek and the White Oak River, sub-basins were delineated and evaluated for the feasibility of constructing BMP’s upstream of surface water discharge points.  A “Green Buffer” plan was developed as a natural mitigation measure to combat non-point source nutrient runoff into the Hawkins Creek basin.  An implementation strategy was developed for a new stormwater utility and a methodology was designed for calculating stormwater impact fees.