Student Plaza Drive Renovation

Greenville, NC


Wright Plaza is a traditional pedestrian oriented corridor located in the heart of East Carolina University’s main academic campus, surrounded by the main student store, Wright Auditorium, Wright Circle and various classroom buildings.  It is the hub of main campus student interaction, with a variety of organized activities routinely occurring.  Student Plaza Drive is a vehicular access-way to various buildings adjoining Wright Plaza, traditionally providing a service function for those structures.  In its implementation of the campus master plan, the university is moving towards a pedestrian friendly campus with limited vehicular access and limited vehicular-pedestrian interaction.  The university engaged Rivers for design of the transformation of Student Plaza Drive and an adjoining parking lot, creating an extension of the pedestrian oriented Wright Plaza.  The curvilinear plaza extension includes hardscape and vegetative improvements, pedestrian and bike amenities, provision for a separate vehicular service lane and associated drainage improvements.